11 11 2010

Hey guys, it’s raining on CP.




14 10 2010

Hey guys its autunm on fantage and the leaves are browny

Currents for haloween

14 10 2010

has anyone looked through the binoculars?? the currents are starting to pick up

New Site

1 09 2010

Hey guys i found a new site called Fantage

it’s really good

my friend is gonna help with the site and so is her friend so i hope you guys stay tuned

Pizza parlour

14 07 2010

If you have EPF and you have the snow trekker take a look at the pizza parlour

Music Jam and some random glitch

10 07 2010

Music Jam is here there are two items one is the free account one which is at the cove

The member one is on the Rooftop

There are Three member only rooms which are at Ski Village ( Casa Fiesta) The Dock (Backstage) and the Rooftop (above the Dance Longue)

The Penguin Band are always at the iceberg but you can only get their background when they are having a break. I haven’t found Cadence yet but i’m looking forward to meeting her sometime during music jam.

Does anyone know what happened to the Candy apple Pin at the hidden lake???

Take a look at the forest and at the country preserves place it says candy apple

By Rachystar

Rockhopper is here

24 06 2010

Once again club penguin is paid a visit by rockhopper his free item is called the squid lid which goes on your penguins head